Don't Underestimate the Value of Referrals for Concrete Lifting Businesses

It’s general knowledge that all concrete and home repair businesses find their customers through a variety of marketing and advertising channels. We’re talking home shows, print ads, radio, TV, digital advertising, referrals and more. Roofers and foundation repair find a lot of their business from realtor referrals, but overall it’s a good mix of different sources that bring in the right amount of business every month.

I have found in my discussions with business owners that the idea of building a solid referral business is something that they want to do, they just don’t know how to go about it.  First off, let’s take a look at why referrals are so important for the home repair industry.

Give Me An Example

Let’s say Mr. Smith got you to raise and level his pool deck. During the initial assessment, Mr. Smith mentioned that some of his neighbors are having the same problems that he’s having with his pool deck. But your sales guy forgot about Mr. Smiths neighbors, completed the work on Mr. Smith’s pool and Mr. Smith was very pleased.

Your sales guy did a great job selling to Mr. Smith, but he left some money on the table in that neighborhood, didn’t he?

What’s So Great About Referrals?

Market studies have shown that customers who are referred to a business are usually:

  • Nice and respectful to your employees
  • Pay their bills on time
  • Give you a referral of their own

Sounds like our kind of customer, right?

Another great thing about referrals is that once your referral engine is up and running, referrals are inexpensive to get. VERY inexpensive.

Referral Sources

Referrals come from employees, 3rd party businesses and customers. Usually, customers are happy to give a referral, they just have to be asked.

For employees, referral sourcing should be a part of your employee on-boarding process. It should be a part of your monthly employee meetings and a part of your annual employee training.

But there’s an art to asking for the referral. The referral process should also be incentivized to increase the likelihood that referrals will come your way.

The most successful and mature companies get a large percentage of their business from referrals.

Get your referral program in place NOW, so your referral sources can be working on your behalf  – to grow your business!

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