The decision to sell a business usually comes after many years of ownership. The owner has enjoyed financial security for the most part, knows the industry well and enjoys working alongside his employees.

At some point, the business owner realizes that he’s tired. Things are good with the business but slowing down and spending more time with friends and family gets more attractive every day. Maybe he’ll stay one and work for the new owner? Maybe not.

It’s time to sell.


Some sellers decide that they can sell their business without help. They probably can, but they will leave some money on the table. It’s a stressful experience because the thought that you’re being taken advantage of is front and center throughout the entire process. Not a good feeling. If you sign with us, you get peace of mind, and, if the deal doesn’t make you happy, you walk away – it’s that easy.

We have extensive experience selling businesses. Time and again we get top dollar for our clients. Our allegiance lies with the person who signs our listing agreement. We take a percentage of the selling price at the time of closing. We have a fiduciary responsibility to protect our clients’ best interests. Selling your business is a BIG DEAL. We treat every transaction with the full attention and respect that it deserves.


This is what sets us apart from other business brokers. We know the concrete lifting industry. We talk to business owners every day. We know who the buyers are and chances are, they are not in your community.

We market businesses using the traditional online marketing channels and to our personal list of buyers. Our fee increases with the selling price so we will ALWAYS get you top dollar for your business.

All potential buyers must sign a non-disclosure agreement to receive any information about a business. Confidentiality is required at all times right up until closing.


Once the seller and buyer agree on a price and terms of the sale, the three of us agree to meet at the business so the buyer can see the assets and get a clear understanding of the business. Some buyers waive this visit and focus on financial standing only by having their CPA dig into the finances.

If the buyer agrees to move forward, a date of closing is set. At that time we will work with both parties to facilitate the closing process. Closings usually take place at the seller’s bank.

Businesses For Sale


This thriving residential and commercial business is a fast-growing young company that is gaining market share in one of the larger cities in the U.S.

The business currently has contracts with 3 city governments to raise streets and sidewalks.

There is no real estate included in this transaction.

All employees have been with this business for more than 2 years. The owner is willing to stay on in some capacity after the sale.

For more information on this and other business listings, contact Concrete Titans.