Concrete Titans

Concrete Titans was founded on the premise that the best marketing and advertising for any business comes from experts that KNOW your industry and know it WELL.

We talk to concrete lifting businesses every day. We hear time and again that general marketers do not understand the concrete lifting process. How do you grow your business when your marketing and advertising is not delivering the solid results that you need?

We know the detailed steps necessary to grow your business successfully. We will partner with you to intentionally scale your business so that one day you can sell that business for the price of your dreams.

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Concrete Titans was launched to meet the demands of a dynamic and growing concrete lifting industry. With more than 15 years in marketing and advertising, plus 3 years in the concrete lifting industry, Concrete Titans is well-positioned to partner with businesses who are committed to increasing their revenue.

A former business broker that specialized in the media and software industries, Ann Thaxton has more than 10 years of experience in business transactions and has attended extensive training in transaction process and procedure through the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA).

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Concrete Titans has a proprietary and proven sales and marketing process that strengthens company procedures and grows businesses every time. Our mission is to be the sales and marketing experts for concrete lifting businesses of all sizes.


After a year of research, business planning and goal setting, Concrete Titans was created with the concrete lifting business owner in mind. We realize that business ownership is hard work and time consuming. Once a business owner decides to grow their business, there is a mind shift involved followed by a series of challenges to growth. We are here to partner with the business owner to overcome those challenges one by one and unleash the power of your business to become the top concrete lifting company in your market.