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The winter months are usually a slower time for concrete lifting and concrete repair businesses. It’s a great opportunity to catch a breath, take a look back at 2020 and identify some of the processes that you may want to improve upon in 2021.

As a business owner, I suggest you take a few hours to do just that. Think back on the year. What are your company’s strengths? Weaknesses? Grab a notebook and write down some things that you do well as a company and other things you can improve.

Once you do that, write down how you think you can help your business improve in those weak areas. Actual action steps, like “Set John up for an online sales training class before the end of January.” I’m going to suggest classes later, but you get the idea here. The most important part of it all? FOLLOWING UP. Sit down with John and find out what he learned in his class.

Production Training

Did you hire some new crew members mid-season? Did you just throw them in there to learn from the other guys how to inject? This time of year is ideal to go back and get these guys trained correctly.

Most foam providers will offer training. Some providers will come to you if you have more than one employee to train. These providers will get your guys Certified. Businesses that have “Certified” Employees can advertise as such and become their local area “Certified Concrete Lifting Experts”.

Business owners who invest in training for their employees are actually telling those employees that they are valuable. Employees who feel valued tend to stick around longer. I know, there are exceptions to this, but generally, it’s true.

Sales Training

Did you hire a sales guy this year? Do you feel like you guys are doing way too many estimates and not getting near enough jobs out of it? Is you sales guy good, just not great?

If you want to convert more estimates into jobs, I can help with that. Between follow up sales calls combined with a series of emails, we can get the homeowner to either say, “Not now”, “I went with a competitor”, or “Schedule my job”.

If you think your sales guy could use some training, here are a few choices. In-person training is more effective but also more costly. They role-play in their classes and usually internalize what they’ve learned better in person. Sandler Sales training is nationwide, with locations in every state. I have friends that have gone through their sales training and are hooked! Your cost: $100/person/hour. If you’re looking for an online class, Brooks Group has a lot of training options.

Management Training

Yes, even the business owner could refine some management and HR skills! I think when business is busy and we are trying to get through the day, we don’t always treat our employees the way we would want to be treated. Why not get some training to help you identify better methods for leading your employees, rather than just being a boss? Happy employees tend to stick around and I just bet that the last thing you business owners like to do is interview, onboard, and train new employees. That whole process takes time and money, am I right?

I’m going to suggest LinkedIn Learning for this training. If you aren’t on LinkedIn already, you should be. You should also have a Company Page on there. There are local people in your market that get A LOT of business on LinkedIn. They can refer you out there too if you get in front of them.

Administrative Training

The day that a concrete lifting business gets their first great admin person is a very happy day. Good admin people can save a business owner a lot of time. This person should be trained by the business owner on an as-needed basis.

Inbound sales are a big part of the admin job responsibilities. If they need training on this, we do provide that service. We have proven sales scripts and processes that, if implemented, would keep the admin person organized and ensure that no lead falls through the cracks.

Don’t Forget To Follow Up With Your Employees! What did they learn in their training? How will their behaviors change going forward?

We Are Here To Help

Although we specialize in lead advertising and marketing for the concrete lifting industry, we are interested in the processes and people in the business as a whole. We have learned a lot from talking to concrete lifting owners nationwide. Contact us if you have a question or want to get our thoughts on anything concrete lifting.